Hope for Adults
Adults finding themselves at a point where they are unable to cope with lifes’ situations can seek solutions through individual counseling that helps restore healthy relationships and hope to their life.

Adult treatment may also address parenting skills, stress management and communication building. Adolescent treatment emphasizes to parents the critical role they play by continuing therapeutic work at home. We equip parents with a heart-focused, nurturing approach to continue the healing process and enhance their relationship with their child.

Couples Treatment:
Healthy marriages build strong families. We provide effective counseling to help couples navigate crises and challenges in their relationship. A family systems approach is used to address emotional, physical, and relational needs, while restoring balance to relationships.

A crisis in the life of a young person affects the entire family. We support both the young adult and their family members, cultivating healthy relationships that support recovery by addressing behavioral, physical, medical and nutritional needs.