Hope for Children: Child Treatment
Families with children suffering from emotional and psychological issues often don’t know how or where to find help. In the midst of difficult circumstances that accompany their child’s anxiety, depression, or ADHD, it’s easy for these families to feel alone in their quest to understand and help their child. Our strong team of specialists can equip these families with knowledge and rekindle their hope for a bright future for their child. We offer:

Play Therapy:
On the surface, our play therapy room looks like a kid’s paradise, but each toy helps our skilled play therapists identify a child’s issues. Healing takes place as they help kids process painful situations and topics through play.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
Our experienced therapists use proven therapeutic techniques to help children modify unhealthy behavior and thought patterns.

Hope and Help for Parents:
Parents play a critical role by continuing therapeutic work at home. We equip mom and dad with a heart-focused, nurturing approach to continue the healing process and enhance their relationship with their child.

Hope and Help for the Whole Child:
We provide counsel and resources to help parents make educated decisions about their child’s physical and emotional health. We offer both medicine management through a psychiatrist and nutritional services through a registered dietitian to address each child’s individual needs.