Postpartum Care


Postpartum Treatment Services
We’ve seen hope transcend the enormous challenges of postpartum depression, anxiety and marital stress.

The stages of pregnancy and particularly the postpartum months can bring about unforseen mental and emotional challenges. Women finding themselves at a point where they are unable to cope with life’s situations can seek solutions through individual counseling.

Services are offered within 24-48 hours of a new mom or physician making an emergency referral. If postpartum issues prevent a new mom from coming to the office, an initial assessment can be performed in the home.

Families & Couples:
The crisis experienced by one family member can affect the entire family unit. We support both the new mother in need and their family members, by addressing emotional, physical, medical and relational needs.

Healthy marriages build strong families. We provide effective counseling to help couples navigate crises and challenges in their relationships. The post-partum months can bring about a variety of challenges not yet navigated by a couple, and we seek to restore balance to relationships.