Myths about Eating Disorders

Myths about Eating Disorders

You can tell by looking at someone if he or she has an eating disorder.

Fact: People with eating disorders can be any size and any weight. Those that are of a normal weight may actually suffer more due to lack of recognition of their illness from others.

Eating disorders are a cry for attention.

Fact: People with eating disorders are not seeking attention. They may hide and deny their behavior, or they might not recognize that anything is wrong.

The cure for eating disorders is just to get people to eat.

Fact: Eating disorders are not solely about food. Restoring healthy eating habits is essential to recovery but not the only aspect of treatment.

Eating disorders only affect white teenage girls.

Fact: Eating disorders occur in both women and men, in all age groups, and across all cultural backgrounds.

Eating disorders are a choice.

Fact: Eating disorders are characterized by obsessive thoughts and out-of-control behavior and are serious and potentially life-threatening. People do not choose to have eating disorders.