Child & Adolescent Therapy


Hope for Children and Teens

Families with children suffering from emotional and psychological issues often don’t know how or where to find help. In the midst of difficult circumstances that accompany their child’s anxiety, depression, ADHD or school issues, it’s easy for these families to feel alone in their quest to understand and help their child. Our strong team of specialists can equip these families with knowledge and rekindle their hope for a bright future for their child.

Young people facing these issues need someone with training and experience. Adolescence can be a time of great anxiety and depression. They begin to experience life through the lens of their peers. With the additional pressures of digital technology and social media, therapy can assist families in helping adolescents ground themselves in healthy coping, healthy self-care, strong interpersonal relationship skills, and distress tolerance.

Including Parents as Partners in the Treatment Process

As adolescents are going through therapy, our team of therapists will be professionals they and their parents can trust to provide solid counsel and unconditional acceptance. Adolescent treatment emphasizes to parents the critical role they play by continuing therapeutic work at home.

We equip parents with a heart-focused, nurturing approach to continue the healing process and enhance their relationship with their child. Great care goes into the balance of providing a confidential, safe space for an adolescent to process and grow, while including parents as part of the treatment team. This family work is done as a part of the overall process. Our strong team of specialists can equip families with knowledge and rekindle their hope for a bright future.

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