Nutrition Therapy

Our registered and licensed dietitians are experienced in treating clients with eating disorders, exercise addiction, and maladaptive relationships with food. Our nutritional counseling team strives to help those struggling with eating issues to gain a healthy relationship with food through Intuitive Eating, a philosophy that focuses on mindfulness and where all foods can fit. Environments like the grocery store or a restaurant can trigger dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors for those struggling with disordered eating.  Our dietitians provide assistance navigating these environments to prepare clients for life outside of treatment.

How Nutrition Therapy with a Mental Health Trained RD can Support Overall Physical Health

  • Transferring from a weight loss focus to a focus on improved markers of health i.e. bloodwork, decreased fatigue or increased activity
  • Concentration on eating behavior, activity patterns, access to food and psychological barriers to change
  • Understanding one’s relationship with food and history of attempting to change
  • Promote flexibility in food choice rather than restriction
  • Whole body health and not just a focus on appearance or size

Health At Every Size® Principles

  1.  Weight Inclusivity
  2. Health Enhancement
  3. Respectful Care
  4. Eating for Well-being
  5. Life-enhancing Movement

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is a philosophy of eating based on teh belief that the majority of people are born with all of the wisdom they need to know how to eat.  Over time, people become distracted from this wisdom and need to challenge their “diet thinking” and distorted  cognitions and myths in order to find their way back to their inborn wisdom.

  • Eat for Physical Rather than Emotional Reasons
  • Rely on Internal Hunger and Satiety Cues
  • Unconditional Permission to Eat

Additionally, our team provides sports nutrition counseling through the high school level. To sustain peak performance, our dietitian team ensures athletes have the proper nutrition to complement their physical activity. Non-athletes and those without eating disorder symptoms benefit from one-on-one support regarding nutrition education and meal planning as well. With abounding diets and conflicting theories, it can be a challenge to know what’s true when it comes to food. Our team helps all clients decipher between nutrition myths and facts so they are able to make informed choices from the grocery store to the dining table.

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